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Catherine Corella was born in Huntington Park, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. She honors her proud Mexican heritage of strong family connections as an adoring mother to six children.  Deer Park, New York is where Catherine now hangs her hat, residing here for the last fifteen years.

A strong, connected community makes a safe place to live, which is why Catherine is passionate about charity work.  She has volunteered for the American Red Cross, Girl Scouts of America, and has been a leading voice advocating against child abuse.  A fierce supporter of women, Catherine is the host of the podcast, Her-Community2 where she provides a platform to showcase female entrepreneurs and promote a culture of respect and togetherness.  Her podcast also brings awareness to domestic abuse and female empowerment.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of every neighborhood, which is why Catherine started the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce. The DPCC was created to be a driving force for ensuring that the business community has a voice in and around Deer Park.  Catherine wants all small business owners to have a voice and to help them rebuild in the wake of oppressive state mandates.  

Catherine is not your typical politician.  When creating community organizations, she learned firsthand that it takes a partnership between politicians, community leaders, and residents to make positive changes and solve problems.  She has worked with people who represent all political ideologies and is skilled in the art of compromise.  Bail reform, poor infrastructure, high taxes, and economic waste inspired Catherine to run for a local seat.  Instead of getting angry about the problems facing this district, she became the change she wanted to see, knowing she can solve the issues that plague our residents. 

Catherine will always be there to listen to her constituents and develop no-nonsense fixes for our community, together: “I have created local organizations, putting people together and as any type of leader, you must possess the craft of uniting people and be the listener, and steer your community in the right direction.”

In her free time, Catherine enjoys baking, writing, and reading true crime novels.

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